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At your service

We work as a team to offer those working in tourism consultancy e training economic feasibility studies, territorial marketing research, operational manuals, workshops and events.

The network

Teamwork offers integrated and customised solutions for your needs. Thanks to the collaboration with other professionals, we can provide you with quality services, innovation e added value.

Successful cases

We are what we do. The projects we focus on are our best business cards. Every project is born of collaboration and every result is a shared success. We put our expertise at your service.

We help you grow

Consultancy services

Marketing and Communication

Thanks to our consultants' experience in writing, web marketing, social media and communication on and offline, [...]

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Teamwork - hospitality consultants | Sales and rates
Sales and Tariffs

Selling well is more important than selling a lot. Optimising rates, adjusting them to the quantity and quality of demand, [...].

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Management control

The best way to manage and optimise hotel costs is to know and control them. Analysing the data and profitability of each department [...].

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Personnel Management

The real capital of any structure is the human capital. It is the people who, at all levels, make the difference. People welcome, [...]

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Renovations and new projects

We will help you achieve your goals without making mistakes, avoiding waste of money and loss of valuable time. [...]

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From breakfast to brunch, from delivery to light lunch to more traditional catering formulas, we will help you create a strong and recognisable brand [...].

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Questions and Answers

At Teamwork we know the answers because, first of all, we know the questions.

  • How do I attract and win the guests I want?
  • How much is my structure worth?
  • Is it possible to sell more with my website?
  • Is there a way to make my communication more effective?

Every day we professionally and competently answer these and other questions, helping entrepreneurs and tour operators to do their jobs better, more profitably and with greater satisfaction.

Over 25 years of activity

Teamwork: a reality consolidated.

We offer customised and innovative services to help you improve the management, quality and profitability of your facility. We are able to analyse the specific needs of each project and propose tailor-made solutions based on in-depth knowledge of the market and best practices.

Teamwork - hospitality consultants

Customers from the beginning


Organised events


Hospitality Manuals


Feasibility studies

  • Competent, organised, prepared, enthusiastic: bravo!

    Stefano Cerutti
    Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel, Riva Valdobbia (VC)
  • Very structured company active in hospitality

    Francesco Maestri
    High Flight
  • I got to know the lecturers through the courses. I can say that in addition to the extreme professionalism that each one has in his or her subject matter, many of them are also exquisite people and are able to convey it from the PC screen. 

    Hotel Thea
  • Prepared on many different aspects. Multifaceted.
    They offer both paid and event-based courses.

    Mauro Rossi Ferrari
    Holidays on the Serio & Stay in Presolana
  • Our feedback [...] is overwhelmingly positive, both about the companies involved and the meetings and opportunities you managed to generate: it was a pleasant time to share our experiences [...].

    Marco Vismara
    Studio d73

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