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Our publications are the result of a combination of specific professionalism and experience in the field and represent a practical and easy way for practitioners to find new ideas and insights in all areas of hospitality.

Since 1998, Teamwork has published more than forty manuals dedicated to every area of hospitality.

Books, operating manuals, ebooks, articles, translations of prestigious international texts. Here you will find publishing excellence on all topics related to tourism and the hotel industry.

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Books and Manuals

The world of hospitality requires specific competences in different areas. To date, Teamwork has contributed to training professionals of this sector with 40 works including reports, marketing manuals and operational guides.

Buying Guide

A guide full of tips e suggestionswhere the best and most reliable companies in the industry - rigorously selected by us and our customers - present themselves, provide useful information e new ideas for tomorrow's hotel.

A gift for you

Teamwork also offers you a range of free resources to inspire and educate you on the best practices of the industry. Slides, videos, research and everything else we think you might be interested in is already here. Conceived, designed and written just for you.

Our proposals

What do we propose?

Our catalogue of publications includes:

  • Books on the world of hospitality
  • Guides to guide you through the world of companies
  • Articles on all topics related to hotels and tourism
  • Practical manuals full of examples and advice

    Find out how we can help you improve your business and achieve your business goals