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Our advice to set you apart from the competition in all areas of hospitality

Our consultancy is based on an in-depth knowledge of the hotellerie market and decades of experience in the industry. We work closely with our customers to understand their specificities and create customised solutions that fit their specific needs. Each establishment has its own history and personality. Our aim is to give value to the realities that come to us from all points of view. Teamwork consultants specialise in every area of hospitality: marketing, revenue management, web, social media, branding, design, pricing, guest experience, housekeeping, communication. 

Our hotel consulting service focuses on several key aspects, including marketing and corporate communication, sales and rates, management control, personnel management, catering, and finally support on new projects and renovations.

In order to achieve a goal, it is necessary to have a plan. That is why we work together to define strategic goals. As part of our consultancy, we help you to establish values, perspectives and mission, ensuring that your hotel differentiates itself from other competitors, maintaining this distinction over time and, above all, operating through an integrated strategy involving a wide range of competences. 

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  • Solutions 'tailored' to your needs
  • Integrated approach = greater effectiveness
  • Extensive experience in the tourism sector

Marketing and Communication

Thanks to our consultants' experience in writing, web marketing, social media and on and offline communication, we can help you devise and implement an effective marketing and communication strategy. To add value to every aspect of the offer, to make the brand known - and recognised -, to profile the audience and to tell them about the hospitable philosophy. 

Sales and Tariffs

Sell well is more important than selling so. Optimising rates, adapting them to the quantity and quality of demand, implementing upselling, intercepting the type of public that is really of interest to the structure: these are the objectives we will help you achieve. Because selling is much more than the application of a price. Selling is a process involving many steps. To sell better, more and at the right price.

Management control

The best way to manage and optimise hotel costs is to know and control them. Analysing the data and profitability of each department through monitoring supported by state-of-the-art technological tools. Thanks to our coaching, you will be able to discover the financial performance of each department and how to take action to save money, implement investments, increase profits and improve your offer. 

Personnel Management

The real capital of any accommodation facility is the human capital. We know this well. It is the people who, at all levels, make the difference. People welcome, listen, control, sell and retain. Today, more than ever, there is a need to ensure greater efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction. And we can help you at each of these stages. 

Renovations and new projects

We will help you achieve your goals without making mistakes, avoiding waste of money and loss of precious time. We will support you in realising your dream structure taking into account budget, feasibility and market requirements. We will advise you on the most reliable partners for your project. And we will build the future of your facility together.


From breakfast to brunch or light lunch to more traditional formulas, we will help you increase the appeal of your restaurant and make it recognisable. With many solutions for sales, reception, management control, communication and marketing, staff coordination, food cost analysis, staff selection and an update on trends. 

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