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Hotel Buying Guide

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The first purchasing guide for the hotel industry

It is not easy to choose the right suppliers.

It is not always easy for the hotelier to navigate the world of companies and choose the right suppliers. The panorama is varied and increasingly vast and the risks of relying on the wrong partner are many and, above all, costly from many points of view. Failing to recognise the ideal company to work with can be very detrimental to the hotel, especially when it comes to restyling and renovation work.

Hence this guide

This guide is the result of our 30 years of experience working alongside hotels and their suppliers. An experience that we make, with this guide, available to all hoteliers who want to learn more about the best companies working with and for the hospitality industry, to know in detail how they work alongside their principals and to discover new trends. Because collaborating with a company that is not in line with its objectives and is not able to carry out the strategy to be pursued is absolutely counterproductive, and we know it well.

And choosing is not easy, because each hotel is different and each has its own characteristics, specificities and needs. Just like your guests.
So here is a guide full of tips and suggestions, where the best and most reliable companies in the industry - rigorously selected by us and our customers - introduce themselves, provide useful information and new ideas for the hotel of tomorrow.

What do travellers look for?

How to intercept new tourism? What is new in the sector? How to reconcile ergonomics and design? In this guide you will find the answers to these questions, along with many examples and inspiration.
But that's not all. You will find the best contacts and the most reliable brands you can rely on to improve the appearance and performance of your hotel with the peace of mind of being guided by great professionals who have one and only one goal: the well-being of your guests. Because it is with your end customers in mind that you must choose your suppliers carefully: hospitality starts here.

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