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100 (and more) tips to get off to a great start

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Thirteen professionals have come together to provide concrete answers to all the questions we have been asked in recent times and to provide practical tips focused on hotel management in the days of Covid-19. And also afterwards. Because, in all likelihood, nothing will ever be the same again. Hospitality as we have always experienced it will change dramatically.


Available in pdf format 2020
50 pp.
Gaetano Barbuto, Alessandra Belluomini, Cecilia Cianfanelli, Andrea D'Angelo, Nicola Delvecchio, Martina Manescalchi, Emanuele Mansueti, Piero Marini, Carla Mussoni, Emanuele Nardin, Maria Antonietta Pelliccioni, Mauro Santinato, Sebastiano Tramontano
Edited by: Martina Manescalchi